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Emmy Sidney,
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About "The REAL BEST SELLER" Beta Program (100% done for you)
The book marketing industry is living a lie...a BIG....FAT...LIE!
While there is a massive amount of information (and disinformation) about being a Best Selling author, the facts are impossible to refute;

Books Don't Make Money.
You don’t even want to be a best seller. You want the benefits of being a real best seller. Becoming a Best Seller without the benefits is like buying an Olympic gold medal... You'll have the badge but not the endorsements.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I used to BE one of those guys…you know, the marketer who can make you a best selling author. In fact, my team had successfully taken over 199 books to the #1 Amazon Best Seller lists…non-fiction, biographies…even fiction. 

We know how to do it. 
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While our clients were pleased with the results, after we spoke with many of them a year or so later, for many, their business had not grown as much as they had hoped. They had earned the honor of being a best seller, but had not set up a viable business and systems to realize the benefits (translation=more money).

It's not entirely their fault, of course. Most authors and entrepreneurs don’t have the skills, resources or knowledge to transform a best selling book into a cash generating machine that does what they really want…
Making more money...a lot more.
Making serious money from your book does not come from book sales! 

In reality, a thriving business comes from developing a growing list of readers, fans and customers. However, Amazon does not give you the customer data from your book sales. Authors who focus on book sales lose...

100% of the time.

In order to make a ton of money from your book you must have a complete system....lead capture, landing page, upsells and most importantly...traffic & conversions. Without an automated business system to support your campaign, no significant business growth will occur.

Until now...


The following program is the first of its kind in the world of book publishing/marketing/promotion. Everyone else in the industry ends their program with becoming a best seller...except us.

... This is where we begin.
Your Business Needs This System...
You have probably seen funnels like this before. However, less than 1% of authors actually have a funnel at all, let alone a proper one that captures leads, sells books, sells other products, automatically puts them in a $1 trial membership site, and builds engagement through a highly interactive email sequence.

100% done for you.

WARNING: You can't simply "sign up" for this service. There is a brief form to fill out and since we will be building over 14 web pages, 24 email sequences and sending traffic to over 1,000,000 targeted prospects for you; a conversation is required. This is 100% bespoke, custom work, so once we start (and make you an Amazon Best Seller) there are no refunds, either.

If you are selected, however, you'll be guaranteed to be a Best Selling author, with your story syndicated in over 100 news articles, be featured in the media and in our own marketing. Most importantly, you'll have a foundation of a real company... supported by your book.

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