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Write a book. Capture your unique voice. Edit the manuscript. Proof it thoroughly. Design a cover. Create a professional layout. Build a launch funnel.... are we exhausted yet?

You may be. But, there is another way.

A better way.

Below you will find a few downloads to help organize your ideas, craft a plan and simplify the process. Download one, two or all of them. There is no opt-in. The information contained in these documents will make your process easier... with or without our help.

Download "Vet & Validate"
Will your book be well received? Is the title compelling? Will the cover hypnotically cause a reader to buy? Unless you vet your theme and validate core elements, you'll just be guessing. Download this guide to remove the unknown and reverse engineer your #1 Best Seller.

Download "Author Pre-Work"
This fill in the blank pdf will ask you some great questions. Ahhh... the power of a question. Why do you want a book-really? For some, the answer be obvious, but the deeper you drill down into the branding, positioning and desire the more you'll need to align the pain of your audience with your USP.

Download "Defeat Writers Block"
If you do choose to write your own book, you'll undoubtedly run into a few pauses along the way. This short pdf will help you move through your writing effortlessly (well, only if you actually do what you read!).

Download "Best Seller Blueprint"
If you hire us to launch your book, you'll be guaranteed to become a #1 Best Selling author! Woot. This outline is the same one we use to launch your book... OK, we also have a few 'secret sauce' elements not in the blueprint, like using our expansive author's group and some National news connections, but with a little luck, you can become a best seller by using this checklist.

Download "Products from Books"
Books don't make money. There... I said it. Most authors have dreams of making a ton of money from their book. Sorry... unless you are J.K. Rowling, a politician, criminal (or both), you won't be making significant money from JUST your book. Even prolific authors like Brian Tracy and Michael Hyatt use their book to leverage other, more lucrative products. We'll show you exactly how to create a six (or seven) figure revenue stream by leveraging the book-not the book itself.

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