Kindle Launch Marketing

Instructions for a quick marketing procedure for a Kindle eBook launch.

Company background

We are a company that helps authors and entrepreneurs publish their book. We always have clients on queue who want to get published. We format the draft to make it an eBook and convert it to Kindle, design the eBook cover, publish the eBook and do the marketing. We also create other products for authors to help leverage their brand.

The Work

To boost our marketing efforts and to provide an impact on the launching of our clients’ eBooks, we are hiring (permanent) contractors to do small tasks. The tasks are so simple and will only take up to 10 minutes per book launch but needs repetition for every eBook launching. So we will need contractors who will do small tasks but can do it anytime we need to.

Here are the simple tasks that the contractor should do:

STEP 1: Use Proxies – I’m sure all of you already heard what a proxy is for. We will use this because we need the books to be bought from the US.

I provided an instructional video on how you will set up and how you will use it in most of our book launching.

Zenmate is also available for Firefox browser. 

STEP 2: account – a contractor must have an account. If you still don’t have an account, please sign up. It’s free. You will also need to have a credit card to buy the eBook that we’re going to launch. A Debit card can also be used.

Click “Sign In Your Account” menu

On the login page, Sign in if you already have an Amazon account. If you don’t have yet, choose “Create an account” button to create an account.

STEP 3: Buy the book – buy the book on its launching date for only $0.99 (99 cents). This will help the book to be an Amazon bestseller. We will reimburse the cost of this purchase. We will provide the link to the eBook.

Note: before you buy the book, make sure that you use a proxy so that you "pretend" that you buy from the US. It is important that the buyers are from the US. Instructions to do are below.

STEP 4: Write a review – when you buy something on, you will be given a chance to review the product that you bought. Please OPEN the a page or two. Then, write a review and rate the eBook that you bought. Rate the book 4 to 5 stars and write a simple and short review or comment about the eBook. To help make a quick review, read the book’s description and the table of contents to give you an idea of what the book is about.

NOTE: The book and links on THIS page are SAMPLES ONLY. You will be emailed the client books and articles to work on.

STEP 5: Share the book that you bought to your Facebook – It will help search engine optimization and help spread the word about the book.

Highlight the eBook’s page URL and copy.

Paste the URL to your Facebook Update Status and click Post

STEP 6: Share the book launch Press Release on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – it is part of our marketing process is to write a Press Release for the book launching. With you sharing our Press Release will help the PR’s SEO. You can also share the PR to LinkedIn and other social media pages.

STEP 7: Share the book launch Press Release on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – it is part of our marketing process is to write a Press Release for the book launching. With you sharing our Press Release will help the PR’s SEO. You can also share the PR to LinkedIn and other social media pages.


Your compensation for all your work above is $7. ($5 for the service fee of buying, reviewing and sharing the book, PLUS $0.99 for 2 book reimbursements).

Note: For every bundle of 2 eBooks, you will be paid $7 USD, including the reimbursement of your expenses buying the books. So it's a total of $5 for 10 minutes of work!

It may only take you 10 minutes to do the work. But, you'll make $5! ($7 total so you can also buy the book) If you take longer, you get paid the same. We pay on the output of the work, so don't hurry...just do the best you can!

As we get more clients, we will give you MORE WORK! We appreciate you so much and want to help you turn this part time gig into more money in the coming weeks!

Recap and important Notes

  • You will buy books in with your own funds. Books are worth $0.99 each.
  • You must have your own Credit Card or Debit Card (with funds) that you can use to purchase online. Amazon doesn't allow Paypal for purchases.


Here are some testimonials from the team members.

I have been with the team for quite a while already!

As part of the team under Sir Ken Yamamoto and our Big Boss Doug Crowe, I am very lucky! I enjoyed working with them for they are very accommodating and approachable in all areas of the task. I am very blessed and thankful for them for they have given me this kind of opportunity. I will forever be grateful for them. Once again, thank you so much Sir Ken and Sir Doug for everything! Kudos to the team! Bless you more!

Bambi Espinosa - Regacho
HR / Payroll Officer/ Data Encoder / VA / Executive Assistant

I love working with them, they guide us properly and pay on time.

Shirley Cardoza
Registered Nurse

It's been great to be part of the team! Great client and very approachable. They always pay on time and you feel like you're not working at all! Thanks for this job Ken. I had so much fun.

Iris Cabonilas
Data Entry Specialist/Call Center Agent

As a newbie in freelancing, I am thankful that I got my 1st ever job under the team of Sir Ken Yamamoto. Sir Ken was very friendly, very accommodating and has patience for a new freelancer like me. A million thanks sir Ken for giving me opportunity to be part of your team.

Jehan Tula
Admin Support/Data Entry

Ken Yamamoto is a great client. It has been great working with him on the eBook launching activities since January 2017. I was elated when I got this job and I never regretted it since I began. It has been a great learning experience for me. Ken is always courteous, give very clear instructions, respond quickly and reward freelancers promptly. 

Being a part of his team has contributed positively to making my freelancer experience most memorable. I continue to look forward to upcoming eBook launches and working as a part of this team. I am very happy to recommend Ken to other freelancers for future employment.

Viviene Bansie
Virtual Personal Assistant/Educator

Here is a short video to show the task in action.